The Hidden Campus Show

Drawing and Applied Arts degree show – the end of an era.

One of the most exciting recent expansions for UWE has been the development of the new City Campus situated above the world famous centre for contemporary arts, The Arnolfini gallery. In September around a thousand students were moved to the new Arnolfini campus.

From this new location we are proud to be presenting the last ever Drawing and Applied Arts degree show from UWE. This exhibition space plays host to spectacular views over Bristol’s iconic Harbourside while showcasing an engaging and vibrant array of arts practices as this multidisciplinary course draws to a close.

1 emma farr

Photo by Emma Farr

2 jek ehlers

Photo by Jekaterina Ehlers

Unless you were a student situated at Bower Ashton, you probably didn’t realise that Arnolfini is now part of University of the West of England, in addition to Spike Island. This central spot will play host to some important events in the UWE calendar.

The final degree show will celebrate the diverse nature of Drawing and Applied Arts and exhibit a broad range of artworks including drawing and painting, multi media installation, printing, abstract and traditional ceramics, and printed textiles and surface design. The 3rd June is the final chance you will get to see any of this unique course’s processes, and we think it would be very interesting for you all to see the location and what we have to offer.

So with 30 individuals all with a passion for making, be sure you remember to visit us between 3rd-8th June, a small time slot but a big institution and a big show. ‘The hidden campus’ is the bridge between the old and the new, the old being us, Drawing and Applied Arts. Too much of a mouthful and too free in nature to be a university course, it now specialises in print.

We explored the studios and spoke to some of the final year students about their work.

Jekaterina Ehlers

Jekaterina Ehlers (Copy)

IMG_2788 (Copy)

What are you working on at the moment?
I have been working on my Architect Artist books for quite a while and I am always trying to improve and make them more unique. All the books I have produced are one off and there are no two the same.

Which materials and techniques do you favour?
In my work I am using quite a lot of techniques like: photography, lithography, collage and now for the Degree Show I am planning to do some performance art.

Where are you going after this course?
I have quite a lot of plans after finishing my BA. I have already had my first interview at UWE for MA and I have already been offered a place. I am really looking forward to the next year.

Who and what inspires you?
I find a lot of inspirations in architecture while travelling abroad and on my local adventures. Seeing new fresh artists succeed also inspires me.

What do you think about the change in location and how that has informed your practice?
I wasn’t happy about location change as I am using the printing facilities most of the time. It just forced me to work more from home.

To see more of Jekaterina’s work visit:

Bryony Darbon

bryony 2

Photo by Emma Farr


What are you working on at the moment?
Most recently I’ve been working on some large-scale paintings for the degree show, I’ve made three thus far, hopefully can get at least two of them up as they’re 270cm by 180cm! They’re quite striking as I’ve been using vibrant colours.

Which materials and techniques do you favour?
Primarily at the moment I’m using acrylic paint on canvas, making the paints myself using pure pigments. The colours you get using pigments are so vivacious, and the way you use them is quite different as its dries out quite quickly so I usually only work with one colour at a time, in a very ritualistic manner.

Where are you going after this course?
I’m going to be staying in Bristol at first, hoping to get a studio space and make some more paintings! Then hopefully in the future I would like to do a masters but for now I would quite like to make some work without the pressures of deadlines for uni.

Who and what inspires you?
My work is quite symbolic, much of my research has been into symbolism of the mystic and esoteric. My methods reflect this and are quite automatic and ritualistic, inspired by early abstract artists such as Hilma Af Klimt and Sonia Delaunay.

What do you think about the change in location and how that has informed your practice?
I’ve really loved the move to Arnolfini, I think that the open plan space on the top floor, with windows all the way around gives you so much more light and room to work, plus having first and second years in the same studio has increased communication between the year groups. My work has definitely got bigger as a result!“

Prerna Chandiramani

Prerna 3 (Copy)

Photo by Jekaterina Ehlers


What are you working on at the moment?
I’m an Indian dance artist and my current work is about translating this aspect of my identity in another medium.

Which materials and techniques do you favour?
I use drawing, printmaking and sculpture to express the memory of my dance movements in time unfolding transient patterns in space.

Where are you going after this course?
These 3 years of BA have been a journey of exploration and learning. I plan to take a gap year before continuing to do Masters in Multi disciplinary Print.

Who and what inspires you?
I draw my inspiration from the vibrant culture, stories, colours and festivals of India. My tutors and Bower’s technical staff have been extremely supportive and inspiring in realising my ideas over these past years.

What do you think about the change in location and how out has informed your practice?
The move to Arnolfini has added a new dimension to my learning and organisational skills as I’ve had to plan my process based work between Bower and Arnolfini. The city centre’s iconic location and association with Europe’s leading centre of contemporary art definitely increases the profile of us students who are based there.

To see more of Prerna’s work visit:

Visit our website and social media for more artists and more about the show:
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